AuthPass Cloud confirmation times out too quickly (and Google ReCaptcha is a poor experience)

This is my first attempt. Here’s an image of my web browser showing I successfully confirmed my email. While doing the Captcha (which Google annoyingly makes me repeat 4-5 times) I kept AuthPass open. About half way thru the process, the screen changed to what is shown in this image below, and I had to request a new confirmation link

On my desktop, I confirmed it the second time. However, on my mobile it is timing out too quickly every time. After 3 tries I cannot confirm. Very annoying user experience.

Can you please consider hCaptcha instead of ReCaptcha. Even better, don’t use captcha at all and select a better alternative. Thank you.

I was able to confirm on my mobile device, but it took six tries due to the AuthPass app timing out too quickly. Email is not always instant, and when you add that to the fact that Google can extend ReCaptcha challenges for 6 or more iterations (which it was doing to me every time), the AuthPass timeout is too short.

The error message may also a bit confusing to many users. Here’s what I see on my mobile:

There is no timeout in the app at all. That message only allows you to request a new code in case you did not receive the email. It still checks every 5 seconds in the background whether you have confirmed your email address.

Even if you close that screen or the whole app… as long as you go back to the screen it will know you have confirmed your email address.

The only timeout is how long the link in the email address is valid… but that is hours, not seconds

Maybe I’ll just remove this rerequest screen altogether… pretty pointless probably :thinking:

I don’t understand - when exactly did you see that 404 error dialog? This is obviously not an error dialog I’d expect to see… Maybe you can send me the log file?


Thanks for your reply. Obviously I was confused about what was happening. Hopefully my feedback helped some. I will also send the logs but I’m not sure how. When I click the option to “send logs” it looks for an email app, which I don’t have installed on my phone. Where can I find the log file itself to send to you?

I can further expand on my experience.

It still checks every 5 seconds in the background whether you have confirmed your email address.

The app did seem to stop checking. Maybe the logs will show if that actually happened.

when exactly did you see that 404 error dialog?

After about 2 minutes (maybe 3?) of waiting for the email then doing the captcha process. It happened more than once while I was in the process of clicking through a lot of recaptcha images.

However, eventually it did work as expected and within 5 secs of confirming my email the app detected it.

Both desktop and mobile are working for me now. Thank you!

When you open the “About” dialog the location of the log file is shown (scroll all the way down). Although I’m not sure you can access it on android without adb :thinking: It’s probably in the application sandbox.