AuthPass Cloud synchronisation with existing database

Is there anyway to load an existing database on my device to AuthPass Cloud?

OS: android TB-X606F_S300320_210716_BMP
App: AuthPass (1.9.2+157) [design.codeux.authpass.fdroid]}
{id: QP1A.190711.020, tags: release-keys, type: user, model: Lenovo TB-X606F, board: achilles6_row_wifi, brand: Lenovo, device: X606F, product: LenovoTB-X606F_EEA, display: TB-X606F_S300320_210716_BMP, hardware: mt8768, version: {baseOS: , sdkInt: 29, release: 10, codename: REL, incremental: TB-X606F_USR_S300320_2107160909_V9.56_BMP_ROW, previewSdkInt: 0, securityPatch: 2021-07-05}, manufacturer: LENOVO, isPhysicalDevice: true}

Sure, open the existing database, press the menu button in the top right, select the time to go into the file preference… from there you will see the current path of the time with a drop down button next to it, where you can basically “save as” into AuthPass cloud.

Let me know if that helps… if you have problems finding it I’ll take a few screenshots.

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Excellent! That worked fine. Thanks for your help.

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