Cannot open .kdbx from One Drive

I previously had AuthPass installed on my iPhone v16.3.1. My .kdbx is located on One Drive.
Recently I could not sync with One Drive and got an error message when trying to sync with One Drive. As a result, I uninstalled the AuthPass app and downloaded it to my phone.
After the reinstall, when trying to open the .kdbs on One Drive, I get the error message:
"Error while loading
OAuth authorization error (invalid_grant). AADSTS70000: The user cound not be authenticated as the grant is wxpired. The user must sign in again.
Trace ID: 67426c96-da9a-48b5-96d0-3f55f12070000
Correlation ID: d527c98b-839d-493c-a9d7-0e4b0825434a
Timestamp: 2023-03-23