Can't use AuthPass for university MS Outlook 2FA - "Given input is not a valid base32 TOTP code"


I’ve installed the latest AuthPass on F-Droid. I wanted to use it as my authenticator app for my university’s MS Outlook email (which is absolute rubbish).

I clicked on “Create your first pass”, then on the “+Add field” button, then chose “One time password” as field. When scanning the QR code provided by the university email (M$ Outlook), it said there was an error, the input was not a valid base32 TOTP code. When inputting the number manually, 012345678, it outputted the same message.

What am I doing wrong? Can’t AuthPass be used as an authenticator app for Outlook? I tried using Aegis for Android and it worked.

Thank you!

Unfortunately i have no experience with Outlook… is it possible to generate a new TOTP secret? If so maybe you can create one for testing and share the QR code?

Thank you for the very fast reply!

I’m sorry, I’m new to all of this, I don’t know how to create it. Good news is that I’ve updated the app on F-Droid (1.9.6+161) and now Outlook’s QR code worked! So I think all is good now.

Thanks again for the support!