Can't use Bluetooth keyboard after update to 1.9.10

I’ve just updated from 1.9.7 to 1.9.10 and found that, when trying to enter my password (to open my local kbdx file) using my usual Logitech MX Keys Bluetooth keyboard, only 1 character can be entered at a time, after which the cursor disappears.

I don’t know exactly where the focus goes but, once it’s gone from the input field, I must either tap in the field or press the Tab key twice to put the cursor back in it. However it’s obviously not practical to press Tab twice after each character. (My password is very long.)

Is this a known issue?

BTW: I see in Github that 1.9.11 was released a few days after 1.9.10 (2024-02-04) but I prefer to use F-Droid, which currently only offers up to 1.9.10. Is that because 1.9.11 doesn’t concern Android?