Close to tray, app shortcut, quick search/login, remember key-file

Hey there!

So, I have a couple of suggestions!

  • Minimize and\or close app to tray. The way I’m using passwords manager - when needed, I open database and leave it in tray. It stays there unlocked until I leave my PC, shutdown or set it to sleep mode.
  • Open app by keyboard shortcut.
  • Trigger search field when typing right away, if no input field is selected.
  • Remember key file used.
  • This feature is from other PW manager I’ve used before, so I’m not sure if it is possible with keepass databases. But still deserves to be mentioned. Fast login to database via entering first\last 4 symbols. If error presents, then require full password. Extremely handy on Android also.

End of ideas :sweat_smile:

thanks for your ideas :sweat_smile:

You didn’t mention it, but judging from your description you are talking about windows? (or linux?)

Makes sense, I’m a Mac user, where this is pretty uncommon… but makes sense… not sure if this is easily supported in flutter desktop yet. I’ve created a new feature request:

I have to look into this… no idea how this is actually done on windows/linux :slight_smile:

Interesting idea… btw. did you discover ctrl/cmd+f focuses the search field?

I think this is realted to:

On Android you can use fingerprint for quick unlock. Would you still prefer this kind of quick unlock with the 4 digits?

Do you have any idea how other password managers do this technically? because on android for fingerprint the master password is stored in an encrypted data store, managed by the operating system and typically hardware encrypted. Not sure if there is a way to encrypt it safely with just the 4 last (or first?) symbols :thinking: (storing it unencrypted seems wrong, as this would pretty much invalidate any encryption of the kdbx file)

thanks again, keep the ideas coming :smiley:

Windows 10. I’m not using linux often at the moment. That system is so flexible, I’m pretty sure it is possible to hide any window in tray if needed.

This is the moment I discovered :grin: Pretty neat, however, maybe, making search function work, the way I suggested, would be more fluent. As it’s the first thing you do when open app every time. So, the faster you get that search going, then better.

I have no fingerprint scanner, unfortunately. And I have no idea how it’s implemented. It’s present in SafeInCloud, that app has its own database format, so things may be working differently. Anyways, taking in mind a factor, that feature is hard to implement and there will be very minimum use cases for it, it’s irrelevant for most users. Solution for me is to update my phone :sweat_smile:

Thanks, and have a great time!

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I believe the app has to run in background.
Or , while installation of the app, the scripts should set a custom keybinding for launching app.

I use Ubuntu, and in the settings > keyboard shortcuts , one can make any custom shortcut to launch any app.

Setting the shortcut can also be done via a script

Theoretically, it should be possible to open app, by assigning a key to apps shortcut. But for some reason, that does not work. Though, at the moment I’ve pinned app to taskbar and now I can open it by pressing Win+3.