Do we need to click on reload to sync ? Or does it sync automatically?

The reload button is only a debug option for

BUT: right now there is no incoming sync. Ie if you have the kdbx open on multiple devices, and you change it on one, it will only get downloaded when the file is unlocked. So if you don’t want to close the app and start it again you could use the reload action.

In the near future this should probably be done more regularly… and saving should then mege… right now it is a conflict when two devices modify the same kdbx file at the same time.

I hope this clears things up?

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For multi-device/site, one option would be to set it so that a certain device contains is designated as the ‘primary’ and then updates are sent and updated via a journal. So which update gets precedence? I would say that updates from the master device are priority, then everything else is applied according to the journal.