Dropbox storage on Android

I can store and use my database on Dropbox from my Macbook Air. But this doesn’t seem possible on my Android phone. Am I missing something?

Sorry, it seems i missed the forum notifications :thinking:

The Android App supports the same things as the desktop version. Except when you are using fdroid. They wanted me to remove dropbox and Google drive support before publishing it there.

Ah, I see. Of course I am using the Fdroid version
.It may be worth mentioning that once the database is stored in Dropbox, it is no problem on Android to cause it to open in AuthPass.

I don’t recommend using the dropbox app with AuthPass, better use the play store version with integrated dropbox support. Otherwise you might end up with overwriting changes. Dropbox App will not merge (nor detect) conflicts if you modify on desktop and mobile at the same time.

“at the same time” is also pretty vague on mobile because i don’t know what the drobox app does when you are offline, or how fast it will sync change.

Point taken. Just for the record I wasn’t accessing Dropbox using the Dropbox app. Instead I used X-plore file manager