E-mail confirmation (cloud)

Log file for AppInfo {
} (android)

title: null
content: Unexpected Error: ClientException: Software caused connection abort, uri=https://cloud.authpass.app/email/status
====================Available Log Files:
/data/user/0/design.codeux.authpass.fdroid/cache/logs/app.log.txt: FileStat: type file
changed 2024-03-03 17:35:58.000
modified 2024-03-03 17:35:58.000
accessed 2024-03-02 10:37:31.000
mode rw-------
size 331434

(Upon confirming my email, when returning to the app the error happened. And then it stayed as if I had not confirmed the email. After a short while it got through and all normal — I’m affraid I don’t know how I can send the log file though…)