Error Dialog: Error while opening file. (Win 11)

Hey folks,

I stumbled upon this error since I´ve switched to Win 11…I can see in the error log that Authpass thinks it´s 10 but it´s not.

This error occures everytime I open Authpass.

title:Error while opening file.
content: Unable to open {type: FileSourceCloudStorage, uuid: cdf3ce3b-2352-4aab-bf87-d89b93d549b0, databaseName: jss-psswrds, displayPath: /jss-psswrds.kdbx}.
OAuth2 credentials have expired and can’t be refreshed.
OS: windows “Windows 10 Enterprise” 10.0 (Build 22000)
App Info: AuthPass (1.9.4+1872) []
Device: {systemMemoryInMegabytes: 16384}