Error Dialog: File already open

title:File already open
content: The selected database PersonalPasswords is already open from PersonalPasswords.kdbx (Tried to open from PersonalPasswords.kdbx)
OS: android TP1A.220624.014
App Info: AuthPass (1.9.9+1975) [design.codeux.authpass]
Device: {id: TP1A.220624.014, tags: release-keys, type: user, model: M2103K19C, board: camellia, brand: Redmi, device: camellia, product: camellia, display: TP1A.220624.014, hardware: mt6833, version: {baseOS: , sdkInt: 33, release: 13, codename: REL, incremental: V14.0.5.0.TKSMIXM, previewSdkInt: 0, securityPatch: 2023-06-01}, manufacturer: Xiaomi, isPhysicalDevice: true}