Error Dialog: Unable to open File

title:Unable to open File
content: Unknown error while trying to open file. Unsupported operation: Unsupported file structure. 0xedfeedfe, 0x2000000
OS: ios 14.6
App Info: AuthPass (1.8.2+1745) [design.codeux.authpass.ios]}
Device: {localizedModel: iPhone, mode: iPhone, name: iPhone (Анастасия)}

This error typically means that you tried to open an unsupported file type. What file did you try to open? Only .kdbx files are supported (KDBX 3.0 and 4.0)

fwiw, this looks like the file header of a JKS (java keystore). The first few bytes from a keystore:

feed feed 0000 0002

so when read as 32 bit integers it’s ed fe ed fe. So not sure why you tried to open a JKS file :man_shrugging: