Error on Mac App

I have been getting an error upon opening program and it seems like I can not longer save to Dropbox. I can see all files in key file. See screen capture. Do I need a port opened as this was not needed before and I do not feel comfortable with that being opened. I am using Mac OS v.11.2.3 & AP v1.7.11. Thx.

Hi, what exactly do you mean by this? You obviously need to allow AuthPass to connect to dropbox if you want to store the password file there :thinking:

I included the screen shot of the error message I was getting upon opening. All was working fine but today I get this error. Dropbox integration worked fine until now. Question was do I need a port opened on the router since I did not need this before. Thx.

If you want to use the Dropbox Integration, AuthPass has to connect to dropbox, yes.