Error while trying to authenticate to Google Drive

Operating System: Android
Model: Amazon Fire Tablet HD 10th Generation
OS: Fire (Installed February 10, 2023)

Attempting to login to Google Drive to download Password file (.kdbx format) and received login error on authentication failure. Had to resort to direct file download through sync cable from my Windows10 PC file as the only possible, although not what was wanted, solution.

=================== title: Error while authenticating content: Error while trying to authenticate to Google Drive: Exception: Failed to exchange authorization code. Response was 400. Error message was invalid_grant. ====================Available Log Files: /data/user/0/ FileStat: type file changed 2023-02-26 12:18:11.000 modified 2023-02-26 12:18:11.000 accessed 2023-01-21 04:06:38.000 mode rw------- size 476152