F-droid/IzzyOnDroid package request

The current f-droid package is unmaintained for over a year, and i don’t like using the default google play store as it is cumbersome to use with the aurora store frontend, and i don’t have a google account, which requires a phone number to make, so i am unable to actually make a google account and get it from play store in an easy manner (and to be quite frank, i have spent so much time trying to degoogle myself that i wouldn’t want to use a google account if i can absolutely help it anyways), i use f-droid for basically everything i can and rely on it for all my apps.

I request that you guys package an officially supported package for f-droid/izzyondroid repo, or perhaps make your own official repo if you are so inclined, many people rely on f-droid for apps on android and for a free software project like this it only makes sense to package this on a free software store, thank you for your time.