Handshake exception 393

Unexpected error : HandshakeException: Handshake error in client (OS error: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED: application verification failure(handshake.cc:393))

OS: macos Version 14.2.1 (Build 23C71)
App: AuthPass (1.9.10+1993) [design.codeux.authpass]
{arch: arm64, model: Mac14,12, hostName: Darwin, osRelease: Version 14.2.1 (Build 23C71)}

Also getting an error as well,
Error repeated below (personal info removed)

title:Error while opening file.
content: Unable to open {type: minified:oN, uuid: ***, databaseName: ***, displayPath: ***.kdbx}.
ClientException: XMLHttpRequest error., uri=https://cloud.authpass.app/filecloud/file/retrieve
OS: web web
App Info: AuthPass (1.9.12+2031) [design.codeux.authpass.web]
Device: {userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:123.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/123.0}

Loading up cloud.authpass.app looks like the cause could be an expired certificate.

I see the issue has been sorted out. Many thanks to the admins for that. I appreciate that running resources such as authpass takes time and effort, and if this is a side job or voluntary project. So sometimes it can take a little longer to do things, or catch up with the admin!

Please do keep it up, it’s greatly valued…

ml263 :+1: