How to set a file as key file for a particular .kbdx database?

I could not find any way yet. Any help would be appreciated.

You have to specify the keyfile when you open the kdbx file.

If I understand you correctly your would like to be able to have the app remember the keyfile, but not the password? This is probably the same as

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Or do you mean changing the keyfile (and master password) for a kdbx file?

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I am new to kbdx
I am asking how to set the key file for the first time for a kbdx database.

When I create a new database , I set a master password, which is used to unlock the database every time.

But how do I set the key file for that database for the first time ?

@hpoul I don’t mean changing. I am asking how to set a key file for the first time ?

ok got it. (changing and setting the first time is kind of the same thing for me :sweat_smile:) Right now this is not supported directly, unfortunately.

btw. how would you like to set it - do you have a file you would like to use as a keyfile, or would you like to generate a random new one?

(i also fear a bit about usability, some people are really confused by the concept of a “keyfile” - some users have even referenced the kdbx file as their keyfile :man_shrugging:not sure how to make this obvious to reduce friction. Or maybe hiding it behind an “advanced” button or similar)

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I would currently love to use an existing file as key file.

From the docs of keepass I learnt that any file ( of common mime types ) can be used as a key file. Just that the data in the file should be random.

And the concept of generating a keyfile is also cool. That would ensure a high security.