I can open a deleted database in iOS

I have opened my database with AuthPass. Then I have copied a new version of this database to my MacBook.

I have deleted my previous database. But whenever I startup AuthPass then my previous database is still opened.

How can I close a database properly?

Why is AuthPath still opening my old database? AuthPass is not even asking for the database password! It is only asking for the login password to my MacBook “AuthPass möchte Unlock to access data” because it needs access to this file (even this is strange - why does a program need the login password just to read a file?)
This is a security risk, for example when I open my database on some other MacBook. I don’t want anybody to be able to have access to my database after it has been deleted.

Another think: how can I see the filename of my opened database? In the “…” menu there is an entry, but only the first part of the directory is shown, there is no space left for the database name.



I’m not a Dev and I haven’t touched the source code, however what you are experiencing sounds like there is most likely some caching going on.

iOS apps are different from all other programs because they can’t directly talk to one another and share data between them. This makes for an abnormal file structure where each app has their own territory, separated from one another. This way you might delete the file from your file manager, but a copy might exist either in RAM or in AuthPass’ territory.

If I’m right the followings should help:

  1. Restart AuthPass while making sure it’s not running in the background. This should get rid of temporary data in the RAM.
  2. Restart your phone to completely reset the RAM.
  3. Reset AuthPass by deleting all program data. (There should be a way to do this, but I don’t have much experience with iOS. The same effect can be achieved by deleting and reinstalling the app, so you might try that as well.)

I hope what I said works and didn’t told you absolute nonsense, but in case I did, please correct me!

Good luck!

Hello Derisis,
I closed AuthPass and restarted it. I also made sure that the original database file is really deleted. When I opened in I really could log into my old (deleted) database with the DB password and I could see all database entries. This is really weird. So, there must be a cached copy of my database somewhere on my MacBook!!!

By the way, now I found out how to see the full path and name of my database file. Just click on “…” and then on the entry for the db file. Here it still references the old db file, which does not exist anymore.