iCloud support, or at least basic features for use of shared files


I try to use AuthPass on iCloud.
I simply open them as “local files” in AuthPass.
However I fear that this may lead to merge issues as I am not sure how AuthPass saves the key registers.

Apparently changes are directly written to the file? But will there be locking issues?
What will “reload and merge do” in this case?
Maybe e a simple reload would be more safe, so that one does not end up with both moved entries and original entries added and deleted entries in the file.

I mean that there could be a semi solution how to use cloud files as SHARED keyregisters.

  • Locking of keyfile only during write.
  • Load file after each write
  • Separate feature for reload

This is not a full and failsafe solution for cloud files, but May work well enough for most of users having many devices and some shared file solution implemented.