It would be more convinient to have an option to create new file in Google Drive in opening screen

Take a look at this picture

On this screen when I click Load from Google Drive, it shows only existing files. Would be great if we had an option to create a new file in Google Drive.

I know we can save a local file to drive ( see this gif :arrow_down: ). The process is so complicated, took time to discover. I believe there is scope for improvement in UX here.

Well the workflow i imagined was to always use “create new file” no matter where your want to save it. And then just save that new file to any location…
I guess it might be useful to ask for a location :thinking: but it adds a bit of friction… the main concern is adding passwords i suppose… once there are multiple (iirc two) passwords in the file there will be a prompt to recommend saving the file to cloud storage.

Most first time users honestly don’t think about where they want to save their passwords… :sweat_smile:

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I am also a first time user. I have never used kbdx before.

I have been using chrome’s default password manager. That works fine for most cases.

But what attracted me towards authpass is the ability to create custom fields for a password. I would love if authpass automatically syncs everything with cloud.

It is extremely unsafe to store passwords locally.

If internet is not available the app should store locally, but as soon as internet is available , it should sync.

If you are using cloud storage, this is almost as it is, only limitation of right now, for writing an internet connection is required. But when reopening a file and internet is not available a cached version is used.

But this will be improved upon :wink: i also plan to create a custom cloud storage, so no 3rd party Integration setup is required…
Although some form of authentication would be required… I’m still thinking about the best approach. Whether to require an email address… or just let everyone upload, and share between devices via QR code or something…

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I believe a QR code will be the best way.