macOS: file already opened. Could not open another kdbx

Congratulations for the great work, however:

The app seems to be very promising but it is not usable if you have several kdbx files. Trying to open another one the app says that it is already opened (pointing different file names) and that is not correct.

BigSur M1.

If you would like to replace keepass besides nice features it is necessary:

  • Reliability: the problem above and additionally if you delete the kdbx it still works until you delete it from trash. If yo disable the icons they will continue appearing.
  • Interface: It is not good to lose the tree navigation because if you have many items you can not go directly to find them. It is confusing the interface. The Search box is nice but the (not saved) filter option is not. Additionally the interfaces at least on macOS looks big in images and small in text although you best efforts in preferences.
  • Documentation: it is difficult to understand what is the functionality of the application, the documentation is too few.