Need change email in AuthPass cloud?

My email has changed.
Is there a need to change the email address used for Login to AuthPass Cloud?

I’m not sure if I understand this correctly, IF I sync through AuthPass Cloud - it seems the email is stored by AuthPass in their server, I am not clear if also the container file containing passwords is also stored in AuthPass servers?

So if I need to change email, do I export the file and create a new storage with a new email address? Because I do not see a way to change email address that was associated when I first setup the storage via AuthPass cloud.

If I create a new account from scratch, I wonder if there is any need to delete the old email/account from AuthPass?

I am new to AuthPass and the way I compare things is comparing them to LastPass so the concept there is easier for a newbie to understand.

PS I do not store the file on dropbox etc at this time and I am aware of that.

Never-mind, I figured it out. All good.