One click copy of passwords and users feature missing?

One important feature of a password manager application, is a easy and fast way to get the password copied and pasted in place in the target application (of course autofill is nice, but not always usable).

I compared to other similar applications, where you usually very easy can copy the userid or pwd.

In AuthPass it looks like klicking on the pwd or pwd ope s it for editing instead copy it to clipboard.

I think fast editing is not as essential as fast copying, fast editing only increases risks to make mistakes.

Please consider this feature, or give some hints how I can enable one click copying of aid and pwd to clipboard.

br ake
OS: macos Version 13.0.1 (Build 22A400)
App: AuthPass (1.9.7+1940) [design.codeux.authpass]
{arch: x86_64, model: MacBookPro15,1, hostName: Darwin, osRelease: Version 13.0.1 (Build 22A400)}

Initially i did not realize the handy swipe to copy feature.
However I still think one click should not open field for editing. Users may corrupt their passwords too easily.
So copy to clipboard could be a better and more secure choice for clicking on a field.