Ongoing support and feedback

I had some issues a few weeks ago. I’ve been using authpass for a while and I like the features, Cloud access, and layout generally. However, some of the issues recently brought a few things into focus for me.
It seems at least from my perspective that overall development and activity does seem to have stalled a bit.
There are some things which are somewhat frustrating, app issues occasionally, difficulty downloading or exporting kdbx files from the cloud, Saving new ones into the cloud etc.
The most crucial of which was the problem a month or so back now where it appeared to stop working at all. An out of date SSL certificate being the likely cause.

So well, what of this? And why might activity be a bit slow at the moment?
I’m somewhat forced to consider that the main developer is having to focus on other things. After all, earning a living has to come from somewhere. And I’d bet Authpass isn’t exactly a money spinner right now.

Having gone over to GitHub I noted that the main developer barely has any supporters. I do think it’s worth supporting a worthwhile project. A few of us doing so may help with the cloud costs, a few more actually persuade more active focus on this project.
It can be very difficult to ask for support for a project, especially if it was started from a personal objective originally.
I am independent, and don’t know the main developer.
Now, I myself am not a developer,(maybe that should be an abbreviation…IANAD?:slight_smile: ) so I probably would find it difficult to contribute myself from a coding perspective, but at the moment I am contributing over on github a little bit. If a few more did as well maybe we might persuade or nudge a little more activity.

Anyway I suppose that’s my done, I’ll finish off by just saying thanks. I massively love the work done so far, I hope more contribute in what ever way possible, and that this is all meant in a constructive and polite way.

Thanks very much all.

Kind regards

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