Open read-only KeePass files

I just tried opening a read-only KeePass file. But I received an error message from AuthPass. Is there a reason why AuthPass must have a writeable KeePass in order to even open this file? I just wanted to read from it.
By the way: I am using AuthPass on a MacBook.

that’s interesting… what do you mean with read-only KeePass file? is the .kdbx file itself on a read-only filesystem? or is the kdbx file somehow marked as readonly? :thinking:

Thanks for you quick answer. Here are some details.
On my Mac I do this:

chmod 400 KeePassData.kdbx (this makes it readonly for me)
ls -la
-r-------- KeePassData.kdbx (this is my read-only KeePass file)

When I attempt to open this file I get this error message: "Unerwarteter Fehler: PlatformException(UnexpectedError, Error while creating bookmark Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=256 “Could not open() the item” UserInfo=NSURL=file:///Users/user/KeePassData.kdbx …

When I change this file to:

chmod 600 KeePassData.kdbx (this makes it readable/writeable for me)
ls -la
-rw------- KeePassData.kdbx
In this case I can open the KeePass file without any problems.