Option to sync with Google Drive in fdroid app

I found this app while looking through fdroid, and say that it supports opening a database hosted on Google drive or onedrive. However when i installed and opened it, I saw that this was not the case. I looked through the issues on github and saw this issue https://github.com/authpass/authpass/issues/29 which one of the comments mentioned that this was stripped from fdroid builds. I don’t wan’t to install the app from Google play for personal reasons. Could there be two copies in the fdroid: one with this feature, and one without?

Thanks in advance.

Support for proprietary cloud storage endpoints is an “anti feature” for fdroid. I really see no reason why anyone would distrust google play, but trust google drive. If you really like to, you could use the samsung store or huawei app store.

That is why I suggested two versions in fdroid.

I don’t trust Google at all. I honestly don’t know why I use Google Drive to sync my passwords still. However, that does not change the fact that I can not open the password file from onedrive with the key anywhere app from the fdroid build.

I may take a look.