Suggestions on interface for PC users

i’ll upload a series of images which have suggestion, mainly for PC users. why i used paint? dunno man, i’m on my backup pc because main broke and this have only 120 GB SSD and don’t fill like filling it up.

disclaimer: those are all my opinions, feel free to discuss them.

this one is about the right click function, which is very instinctive for a PC user, and allow a more fluent “workflow”.

this is very simple, ease up the interface by removing, imo, redundant buttons.

this is also very simple, i accidentaly discovered wipe function to automatically copy, veru good but not tools to inform the user about that. also the user copy function on dark theme is not readable (too much contrast?)

this one maybe a little bit too much, but i think this could also ease the interface up by remove the menu and using the “tree” style directory viewer

and last i would appreciate autosave function (maybe also a dialog box to confirm the changes, so the user is alwasy in control, but manually press save button is meh :confused: ) and the ability to move passwords into subgroups arelady created (if there is a way i didn’t find it out).

thanks, have a great day :slight_smile:


well, at least it was fast enough for AuthPass :tada: :wink:

There are certainly things which could be cleaned up for desktop usage (or larger screens in general). I do tend to like the context menu buttons though, to be honest… since as you’ve pointed out further down, without any hints users would not discover a right click, just like they don’t discover swiping…

  • Redundant buttons: I agree on the app bar overflow menus… they are kind of redundant… I don’t really care about the ‘Add new Password’ though, not sure what else to display there… :slight_smile: Maybe some nice intro … the latest news from the blog? :sweat_smile:
  • Swiping: Yep, that is the same problem as on mobile… In the past I’ve been a bit hesitant to advertise this feature too much, because i wasn’t convinced it would stick around, or if there could be a better use for the swiping actions… but I guess since nothing better came up, we could just as well stick with it… A first step would be to write a documentation for it :smiley:
  • Tree View: This is the only thing I’m really opposed to. I don’t like that outdated tree view feeling… I’d much rather have a slick flat list of passwords with labels, than a weird tree. (this is kind of a loaded topic :slight_smile: ). The best idea I came up with yet would be to make it 3 columns on desktop and just keep the group tree sticky to the left of the password list. I don’t like the folder concept. I’d much rather have something like gmail - hierarchical labels, which are used to “label”/tag a flat list of passwords.
  • Autosave: Yep, I think that would be good to have. It’s basically just waiting on me being confident enough that merging and conflict detection works correctly. - It would also be really nice to have an “Audit” screen which lists, in reverse chronological order the latest changes. even better if it would include an undo action :sweat_smile:

thanks for your suggestions. most of these things require a bit of more planning to see how to best implement those. let’s see if we can get more input as well.

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that is true to an extent, long term pc users (windows users?) like me have the “instinct” of right click, i felt a little bit off discovering that i wasn’t doing nothing. maybe keep both?

that is an excellent use of that space in my opinion, you could also consider doing a tab interface with “news”, “patchnotes” etc. you could also use random pop up bubbles that remind people of other app version (example: on PC/Mac version prompt “did you know that AuthPass is also for mobile?” and then show link for play store/fdroid/appstore, aimed to expand community, testers and contributors).

ok 2 things here: why wouldn’t you sure? that is an excellent (always in my opinion) use of gestures on both PC and App, this is how i imagine it: open site and it ask for login, i quickly open my app, log in that, swipe password, ctrl+v and EASY FAST login with high security password.

this is the point of view of a normal user, he or she doesn’t look at documentation, if it is under his/her nose it’s good, if not is trash (at least this is my experience with customer service, and this is why i love devs when use bubbles). documentation is needed, and i could help translate it (if is needed) but to retain users i think is better go with “info bubbles”.

yeah the tree direcotry style is what i grew of xD (98/XP flashbacks) but anyway i don’t really understand what you mean (i don’t use hierarchical labels on gmail) but i what i mean was that opening a menù for accessing infos that could be already displayed on the screen is not necessary. the app is yours so you decide the style but if you could keep in mind ease of understanding for boomers like me would be appreciated :slight_smile:

when you want to test it i’m here :slight_smile:

i don’t know what an audit is :frowning:

Yep, I see no reason why we can’t implement both…

I’m pretty sure 99% of users right now are mobile users :wink:

because it’s hard to pick the two most important features… and which one is on swipe left and which one for swipe right. It is pretty arbitrary. I could also imagine a different implementation like swiping to reveal two or three buttons for different actions…

first we have to write documentation before it can be translated :sweat_smile: I would focus the energy right now in writing it…

well, it is already displayed, as you can see the group of each entry in the password list. other than that, I could imagine a three column layout so it’s not hidden.

Well if you’ve got some time there is a short intro in how to test this in the ticket. Basically you open the file in two apps at the same time (probably with a 3rd party app) and modify both… save with the other app… and then click the mentioned reload button, and see if it is merged correctly.

In the ticket christianfl mentioned that deleting seems to have a problem, i haven’t yet had time to look more into it. But other than that i looks pretty solid already.

Umm, maybe it’s a vague term, just a list of all actions taken, ordered reverse chronological. ie:

  • 2020-10-15: updated password of entry xyz
  • 2020-10-14: updated website of entry xyz
  • 2020-10-10: moved foo into group bar
  • 2020-10-10: created entry foo
  • 2020-10-08: created entry xyz

My suggestions do desktop version is:

Make copy username/password available as buttons and not (only) swipe actions
Make secondary click actions (edit entry/clone entry/copy username/ copy password)

do you mean directly in the list, or in the entry details? i would try to keep the number of buttons to a minimum… I also think most desktop users should also be familiar with keyboard shortcuts: ctrl/cmd+c for copy password and ctrl/cmd+b for copy username.
this also kind of lacks discoverability, but would warrant some kind of onboarding-balloons or something like that :slight_smile:

i think so, it should just do the same thing as the menu button on mobile… just have both, wouldn’t hurt i guess…

most PC users are only familiar with Ctrl + c/v for copy and paste, i’ve seen that oyu implemented an option for information overlays, i think it would be ideal to use them also for shortcut keys

If You talk about Windows PC users, I don’t think, to say only is exactly right.There is another, very common used shortcut pair that is supported in Windows by default (and design): Ctrl+Insert (Ctrl+c) / Shift+Insert (Ctrl+v). I’m also used to have Ctrl+Delete working for Ctrl+x although it isn’t mentioned in this microsoft paper:

I think I’ve once read that those shortcuts are convenient especially for left handed people. Don’t know if that’s true. I’m right handed but very much used to the +Insert shortcuts and allways strugle, when they are not supported.