What do you think?

Let’s get this forum started :wink: What do you like to see next from AuthPass? :wink:

I really like the APP.
I am happy you are on f-droid.
The look and taste is great. Nice colors. Smooth experience.
Love how easily it works with my nextcloud server.

The only thing I am thinking of is…
I am not sure if password in a copy bin disappears after a time?
It would be great.
And maybe automatic database lock after 5 minutes?

I don’t find any security options.

Anyway still think you are doing a great job and don’t stop.


Hi @adamfido - thanks for the feedback. You are right, these two things are still missing.

They are tracked in the issue tracker:

  1. Auto Lock: https://github.com/authpass/authpass/issues/14
  2. Clear Clipboard: https://github.com/authpass/authpass/issues/215